The diversity of Religious organisations around the world means there are many who have an inclusive and interfaith philosophy.  This means they welcome people from all faiths (or none) to take part in their activities and events without discrimination.

It is just not possible to generalise by claiming that Religious solemnisers can only conduct religious ceremonies.  Those who belong to organisations with an inclusive and interfaith philosophy conduct ceremonies of all styles designed & created to suit the beliefs of the couple.

This is such a wonderful thing for modern couples in Ireland who wish to be legally married in a unique & personalised, creative &  meaningful ceremony which has been designed & created especially for them, 7 days a week!

As an Earth Spiritualist Interfaith Minister I am registered to solemnise legal marriages in Ireland for people of all faiths or none without discrimation.  This means your ceremony is designed & created to suit your beliefs and wishes, your ceremony design possiblities really are endless.

Your bonus with me as an Earth Spiritualist solemniser, is that your legal marriage ceremony is truly non-denominational.  This means your ceremony is designed and created to suit your beliefs and wishes, not any rules or beliefs of a secular or religious organisation.  The only rules your legal marriage ceremony must comply with is the Marriage Act, which is very sensible and is flexible when implemented correctly.   For example it is possible to be legally married outdoors in nature, but only if you have correct working knowledge of the Marriage Act to ensure its compliance.  This true working knowledge can only come from real experience as a registered solemniser.

Non-Legal Wedding Ceremonies

For those living overseas, a non-legal wedding ceremony in Ireland can often be the best choice because it makes so much more sense, if the technicalities are just too difficult, costly or time-consuming to provide the documentation necessary for a legal marriage here in Ireland.   For those living overseas it can sometimes be a whole lot easier and less stressful to have a registry office marriage in your country of residence and a non-legal wedding ceremony here in Ireland.  Some couples will do that without ever telling anyone that they are already legally married abroad.

Whatever your situation I can assist you with the right advice and a unique & personalised ceremony.

If you would liike to get legally married in Ireland, or have a non-legal wedding ceremony in Ireland, in fact what ever ceremony you need please give me a call for a quick chat to find out how easy it really is to have the ceremony of your dreams! 

I would be honoured to work with you.

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