Couples getting Married in Ireland were overjoyed to hear the news increase in marriage ceremony guests from 6 to a massive 50! But there was a catch – there is a maximum of 25 for the reception and celebrations after! What a Dilemma!

How cruel can this be? How can you remove 25 people from your ceremony guest list for the celebrations after without offending them? There is a solution – and it’s right there in front of you. You don’t have to remove anyone from your ceremony guest list either!..

What you do is have your ceremony at say, 12 noon, followed by your photo shoot.  Then two separate celebrations, each with 25 people. One celebration with 25 people for an earlier meal say 2:30pm, followed by a 2nd celebration for a later evening meal maybe at 7pm.

How you run both celebrations is completely up to you! Your wedding venue may even give you a discount for doubling your guest numbers!  What a day!  How lucky are you to have 2 celebrations!

Your Special Day

If you believe your ceremony should be an important part of your special day, no matter how big or small your requirements may be,

Please don't hesitate to get in touch so I can answer any questions you might have - and to find out if I am available on your big day..

I would be honoured to work with you.
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