Ring Warming Irish Wedding Tradition

Ring Warming Irish Wedding Tradition

Example Wording for Ring Warming

The tradition of ring warming has it’s roots in Ireland and is a custom of old.

The idea of “warming” your rings during the wedding ceremony, before you place them on each other’s fingers for life.

The power of all the good wishes flowing through the wedding rings on your wedding day is enough to see any couple through any hard times and all the good tiems, their whole lives through

In a moment, we will pass around the wedding rings, we call this a ring warming.   As there are so many people here, we will pass the rings only to those in the front two rows.

For those in the front two rows, Aoife & Peter are asking that as you pause and hold the wedding rings for a moment, that you will send your positive vibes, blessings and prayers for their marriage into the rings before passing them to the person next to you.  

We ask that those of you in the remaining rows send your good wishes for Aoife & Peter into their wedding rings as the music plays.

Once the weddings rings have made their way back to me,   Aoife & Peter will exchange the rings and carry your love and good wishes with them, as they embark on their new journey through life together.

[ Rings are passed along the first two rows while music plays]

Wedding rings are returned to the celebrant, who passes the wedding rings to the couple.