The Civil Marriage Ceremony in Ireland

A civil marriage ceremony in Ireland is the popular name for a registry office marriage, which can be conducted by a HSE Civil Registrar at a registry office or other venue of your choice for an extra fee to cover the cost of travelling.

What is a Civil Celebrant in Ireland?

The only civil celebrants which exist in Ireland are those who work in the funeral industry conducting civil funeral ceremonies.

There is no such thing in the marriage act of Ireland as a civil wedding celebrant or a civil wedding ceremony, or civil marriage celebrant.  These are all terms from the marriage act of other countries wrongly used here in Ireland in order to cause public confusion.   The only people in Ireland who can legally conduct a civil marriage ceremony are the HSE Civil Registrars and nobody else.

There is a huge amount of public confusion here in Ireland caused by the incorrect use of the term “civil ceremony” to describe a non-legal wedding ceremony and the term “civil celebrant” to describe a celebrant who is not registered to conduct legal marriages.  The only civil celebrants with any authority to conduct legal marriages here in Ireland are the HSE Civil Registrars but they don’t call themselves civil celebrants at all.

Non-Religious Without Any Fuss

A civil ceremony (registry office marriage) is a non-religious ceremony without any reference to spirituality or Religion of any kind.  A civil ceremony (registry office marriage) is  perfect for couples who much prefer a shorter, traditional non-religious marriage ceremony without any fuss.  The ceremony itself is already pre-written, so there is no need to decide anything about the ceremony and for many people that can be a huge plus!

If you would like to include spiritual or Religious elements to your marriage ceremony, a civil ceremony will not be the best choice for you.   If you would like to include spiritual or Religious elements to personalise your legal marriage ceremony and make it unique, you will need an Interfaith Minister like myself, to create a unique & personalised non-denominational spiritual, religious or mixed faith ceremony to suit your unique requirements.

If you are living abroad, depending on your circumstances sometimes it can be much easier to be legally married in your country of residence and have a non-legal wedding ceremony here in Ireland with your family & friends.

If you have any questions about getting married in Ireland please don’t hestitate to get in touch.  I would be honoured to work with you.

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