A Civil Ceremony is Much Different in Ireland

than it is in my homeland Australia. 

In Australia a Civil Ceremony is a marriage ceremony conducted according to the wishes of the couple rather than the rules of a Religion.  A civil marriage ceremony in Ireland is a Registry Office marriage, which means in Ireland, a Civil Ceremony can only be conducted by a HSE Civil Registrar,  Civil Ceremonies are conducted either at a Registry Office during business hours, or at an outside wedding venue for an extra fee.

Civil Marriage Celebrants

According to the Marriage Act of Ireland, there is no such thing as a Civil Marriage Celebrant.  There are many Lay wedding Celebrants here in Ireland who are confusing the public by incorrectly using the job title of “Civil Celebrant” from Australia, to describe their role as a wedding celebrant here in Ireland.

To add to this confusion, funeral celebrants here in Ireland have been known as Civil Celebrants for years!  Oh dear, no wonder there is so much confusion!

Here in Ireland, the term “Civil Ceremony” with regards to a marriage ceremony has a very different meaning to what it does in my homeland of Australia, where the Civil Ceremony movement began. 

Here in Ireland a Civil Ceremony is another name for a Registry Office Marriage.  A standard government non-Religious ceremony, conducted by an employee of the HSE Civil Registration Office who is known as a Civil Registrar,   The Civil Ceremony / Registry Office marriage is short and simple without any fuss and without any Spirituality or Religion.  Perfect for those who prefer this option.

Unlike Australia where Registry Office marriage is always conducted in the Registry Office, here in Ireland for an extra fee, you can book a HSE Civil Registrar to conduct a Registry Office marriage without any Spirituality or Religion  at your choice of wedding venue.  This fee varies depending on the amount of travel needed by the Registrar.

So you see – a Civil Ceremony has a vastly different meaning here in Ireland than it does in my homeland Australia, where the secular Civil Ceremony movement began all those years ago in the 1970’s.

Each marriage ceremony I create & conduct is created according to the traditions and wishes of the couple, rather than the rules and requirements of a Civil Ceremony or a Church wedding.

If you have any questions about getting married in Ireland please don’t hestitate to get in touch. 

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