Getting Married in Ireland

Legal Info – Essential Guide

To be legally married in Ireland, here are the four most important things you must to do first, to ensure your wedding ceremony is a legally recognised marriage.  Not necessarily in this order:

1. Choose Your Celebrant/Solemniser

For a legal marriage in Ireland you must choose a Celebrant who is a Registered Solemniser of Marriages (like me!) who is government registered and authorised to officiate legal marriages. 

Please Beware – there are many unregistered celebrants in Ireland using trickery on the public – who are using the Job Title “Registered Celebrant” on their business advertising. 
A “Registered Celebrant” is not authorised to conduct legal marriages.  The only job title authorised to conduct legal marriages is “Registered Solemniser of Marriages”.
If you choose me as your Celebrant/Solemniser your wedding ceremony will be a real legal marriage ceremony on the day, if that’s what you want.

2. Choose Your Wedding Venue

You really are spoiled here in Ireland with so many beautiful wedding venues to choose from.  You can choose from the many castles, mansion houses and luxury hotels, or arts centres, so many beautiful wedding venues throughout the country.

Important Advice – in Ireland a wedding venue doesn’t need to be “approved”, “registered” or “authorised” for legal marriages.   There is a great deal of confusion about this online published by those who don’t correctly understand the Marriage Act.  

A wedding venue must comply with the Marriage Act, which means it must be generally open to the public without hindrance, which means it cannot be a private home.  A wedding venue in Ireland must also have a postal address, which means it can’t be a public beach or forest.

The only formal authorisation and approval a wedding venue must have, is when a HSE Registrar conducts a Registry Office Marriage there.   With me as your Celebrant, your wedding venue doesn’t need to be inspected or authorised.  With my experience I can confirm if your wedding venue complies with the requirements of the Marriage Act.

3. Choose Your Legal Witnesses

You must choose two legal witnesses, who must both be over the age of 18.  Each of your witnesses will required to show me their government-issued photo ID on the day, before signing as a witness to your Marriage.

4. Lodge your “Notification of Intent to Marry” with the HSE

Once you have chosen your Celebrant (Pick me!) and your wedding venue, the next thing you must do to get married in Ireland, is lodge your “Notification of Intention to Marry” or NOIM with a HSE Civil Registration Office.   This must be done at least 3 months before your wedding date, and up to 12 months before.   Contact your nearest HSE office for advice and to book your in-person appointment.

Note: If you live outside of Ireland you can lodge your NOIM by email.  (Don’t ever post original copies of important documents as they can be lost in the post)   Contact the HSE office closest to where you will be staying in Ireland and they will email you the forms and information you. need.

You should be well on your way to booking your wedding suppliers who will help make your day special.

Your Big Day!

.TA-DA !!  Your big day is here!  You are getting married!  Remember to bring your green folder and MRF to be signed during your ceremony.  Congratulations!

On the next business day (or as soon as possible within 30 days) return your completed MRF to the HSE Civil Registration Office to complete the legal marriage registration process.

Celebrant Guarantee

As a valued member of the Enchanted Ceremonies group of Holistic Ministers & Celebrants there is always a backup Celebrant on hand in case of an unforeseen emergency - this is your Celebrant guarantee!

Your Special Day

If you believe your ceremony should be an important part of your special day, no matter how big or small your ceremony wishes may be, you have found the right place.

If you would like a ceremony as unique as you are - created to suit your own style, for any day of the week and a venue of your choosing, please don't hesitate to get in touch so I can answer any questions you might have - and to find out if I am available on your big day. 

I would be so honoured to work with you!

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