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Designing your personalised and unique marriage ceremony with the help of a creative celebrant sure can be lots of fun!   Adding your own special touches and ceremony ideas.  But one question that sometimes asked is where in the ceremony do you have your first kiss as a married couple?

Some may advise you to have your kiss right after your marriage vows. The reason for this is because that’s when you are technically married.

But I don’t recommend this myself.  I believe that for maximum meaning to your ceremony and for maximum effect, it’s much better to have your first kiss as a married couple at the very END of your ceremony.  Right after you are pronounced married. 

If you can imagine the moment, your ceremony has been so beautiful and it’s about to come to a close, and I say to you “I now pronounce you husband & wife, (or married), you may seal your marriage with a kiss!”.

As you are kissing and your guests stand and cheer, your final music starts playing, your photographer is snapping away, that’s the magic moment in your ceremony that you just don’t want to miss!  That, to me – is the essence of a true 5-star ceremony.

But remember, there is no right or wrong way, Where you kiss in your marriage ceremony is completely up to you, It’s your ceremony and you are the design director all the way.

If you would like to kiss after your marriage vows, there is no reason why you can’t kiss again at the very end of your ceremony if you really want to kiss right after your marriage vows.   But – it doesn’t ever have the same effect.

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