Can A Celebrant Really Marry You Legally in Ireland ?

Can A Celebrant Really Marry You Legally in Ireland ?

This is simple question is cause a lot of confusion with couples in Ireland, due to the wrong information being given to the public by celebrants who are not registered to conduct legal marriages,

Can a celebrant conduct a legal wedding in Ireland? Or can a celebrant legally marry you in Ireland? The answer is – YES but only if the celebrant is correctly registered with the HSE to conduct legal marriages. There are a lot of un-registered celebrants in Ireland who are not giving accurate information to the public, or even worse, advertising themselves as registered celebrants in order to mislead the public, when they are registered with a commercial trade association, not the government. 

Sadly, sometimes this is done intentionally, which is not at all ethical and you should stay clear of any unregistered Celebrant who is misrepresenting themselves as being registered, when they are not registered with the HSE.

The following are some of the confusing and misleading claims made on some of the websites of unregistered celebrants:

  • A Celebrant wedding is not legally binding – this is only true if you choose an unregistered celebrant.
  • A Celebrant wedding is the only way you can have a personlised cermeony written for you and about you – this is not true at all.  If you choose a non-denominational Celebrant/Solemniser like myself your ceremony is personalised to your exact wishes.
  • With a Celebrant wedding, you must always “do your legals” in the Registry Office. There is no such thing as “do your legals” in the Registry Office. With an unregistered celebrant you must also have a Registry Office marriage on a separate day..
  • The only way to have a fully personalised wedding ceremony in Ireland is with an independent celebrant and attend the Registry Office on a separate day for “your legals” – this is not true if you engage a Celebrant who is a Registered Solemniser and non-denominational Celebrant like myself.
  • Religious Celebrants can only conduct Religious ceremonies – Just because a Celebrant is a member of a Religious body doesn’t mean they are a Priest or Minister of Religion.  The Diversity of Religious bodies and Freedom of Relgious Belief means that Ireland now has a modern Religious body, Earth Spiritualist Foundation and their Enchanted Ceremonies network of non-denominational Celebrants & Solemnisers.  Their beliefs & members are inclusive and non-denominational who welcome all people, regardless of their Religious belief (or none).  With a Celebrant from the Enchanted Ceremonies network (like myself) you can be assured of a Celebrant who is non-denominational and correctly registered with the HSE as a Solemniser, and duly authorised to conduct your fully legal marriage ceremony on the day.
  • Ceremonies conducted by a Solemniser are restricted by the rules of their organisation – this is not true if you engage a non-denominational Holistic Minister like myself.  The rules of the Enchanted Ceremonies network of Celebrants & Solemnisers are, compliance with the Marriage Act, and also that your ceremony is designed to your very own beliefs and wishes.

Only a Celebrant who is registered to conduct legal marriages will have a working knowledge of the Marriage Act, and the knowledge and experience to accurately and truthfully answer these questions (and many more) about getting married in Ireland.

With a non-denominational Celebrant like myself, your marriage ceremony will be fully legal on the day and you will have full control over the design of your ceremony. You will also have no need to attend the Registry Office on a separate day with your witnesses for a Registry Office marriage..

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