In my homeland Australia it’s not unusual for Civil Marriage Celebrants to conduct 2, 3 or even 4 or more personalised and unique ceremonies in the same day, especially on weekends.  When I get to conduct more than 1 ceremony in the same day here in Ireland, I am absolutely thrilled with the extra excitement it brings to the day!

Others claim to have a 1 ceremony per day policy for all ceremonies they “perform” – so they can “ensure your ceremony has their full attention”. Which implies that others (like myself) who do conduct more than 1 ceremony a day won’t ever be capable of providing this alleged superior level of attention.

This claim is false on so many levels.

The most experienced and capable Celebrants (like myself and many others) won’t hesitate to conduct more than 1 ceremony a day if requested.

Would you ever leave your car with a mechanic, or trust a hairdresser to cut your hair, or see a Dentist – who won’t ever book more than one customer per day?
I didn’t think so. It’s no different choosing your Celebrant.

If you prefer that I don’t book any other ceremonies on your special day – that’s not a problem at all, you can choose my Exclusive VIP option which guarantees that I don’t conduct more than one ceremony on your big day.  (Most popular)

Many ceremonies I conduct will naturally fall into this category anyway due to their exclusive country location, or being on a peak day of the week.

Celebrancy isn’t a performance you can rehearse and perform, because it’s never about acting on a stage. Celebrancy is real and when it’s at it’s best, it’s an authentic role now so fundamentally missing from our modern society who have so drastically turned away from Religion.

Despite the many reasons this cultural shift is happening on such a momentous scale, what Religion did for ceremony is that it preserved a certain level of authenticity and dignity by turning any ceremony into a meaningful and spectacular community event. When Religious ceremony was done well and with true honour held by a wonderful facilitator (and there are/were plenty of good ones!) Religion kept the Spirit and magic of ceremony alive! For a ceremony without the Spirit and magic, is nothing more than a speech.

Now society is going full circle with the return of the art of ceremony to its indigenous roots – where the ceremony was never defined by doctrines of a Religion, but was instead defined by the wishes and requirements of the couple to get them off to a wonderful start and help to ensure their successful future together.

Celebrancy remains an essential community skill which is all about capturing the true Spirit and character of the couple and creating the special magic of the moment for the couple and their guests and their celebration of their new lives together.

With over 30 years experience in the art of ceremony – I have the expertise and experience you need to ensure your ceremony exceeds your expectations.

No matter what kind of ceremony I create & conduct, the smiles at the conclusion of the ceremony is what makes all my efforts worthwhile,

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