5 Essential Tips for Your Ceremony Table Centre-piece

5 Essential Tips for Your Ceremony Table Centre-piece

Believe it or not, this essential detail is sometimes forgotten!  But not any more, not with me anyway.  Not since I arrived at three separate weddings within a few weeks of each other, to find the ceremony table completely empty each time.  Each time I improvised and cut some fresh ivy and flowers from the gardens outside (with permission) to make a lovely fresh arrangement, which was certainly beautiful.

But I have now made it my responsibility to ensure this never happens again to any of the couples I work with.  The last thing you want to see is an empty ceremony table.  You have gone to so much trouble to make everything else on the day look so beautiful, and a bare ceremony table is not a good look at all.  So many times I have also borrowed a vase filled with fresh flowers from elsewhere within the wedding venue, as a ceremony table centre-piece.  Usually from a hall table somewhere within the building, always with permission from the venue’s wedding co-ordinator of course.

Even if you don’t like flowers, I have some great ideas for you to help you ensure that your ceremony table is decorated perfectly, and here are some of them.   Even the most basic solution really adds a little something special to your ceremony space.

My No.1 suggestion for your ceremony table centrepiece – if you will have a floral or greenery centre-piece for your “Top table”, (Bride & Groom table at the reception) this can serve a dual purpose as the centre-piece on your ceremony table as well – and the look is absolutley stunning!

Where do you find the floral centre-piece for your top table you might ask?  Here are my 5 essential tips:

 1. Provided by the Venue

Firstly – it’s always best to first have a chat with your wedding venue’s event co-ordinator, to find out what options they might already provide you for your top table centre-piece, as standard in your wedding package.  Some wedding venues take great pride in providing a floral arrangment for the top table made from fresh greenery and florals picked on-site from their own garden, included as part of your wedding package.  Or they may even have a standing order with a local florist. 

If your top-table centre-piece will be provided by your venue as part of your wedding package, it will definitely be most suitable for dual use as your ceremony table centre-piece so please don’t hesitate to ask your wedding venue if it’s already included.

2. Skilfully Handmade with Love

If you have a beloved family member or friend who enjoys handcrafts, don’t be shy to ask if they would like to make you a centrepiece arrangement with flowers and greenery fresh from their garden (or silk flowers) which can double as both the centrepiece for your ceremony table, and your reception top table.  You will find the florist oasis foam block for the base is readily available from your nearest craft shop, which can of course be purchased well in advance.   A beloved family member who enjoys handcrafts would be so honoured with this role, so please don’t be shy to ask.

3. Made with Silk Flowers

If you enjoy handcrafts yourself, you may wish to make your own table centre-piece from silk flowers and greenery which can be used for your ceremony table, and your reception top table.  All are available from your nearest craft shop, and you can also order online.  The advantage of working with silk flowers, is that the arrangement can be made well in advance,   It’s always good to have something you have prepared earlier!   These days the quality of silk flowers and greenery available is SO realistic – it can be very difficult to tell the difference from the real thing!

You will find plenty of tutorials on Youtube, and ideas for inspiration on Pinterest on how to make your own centre-piece arrangment.  You may also be so inspired to make your own bridal bouquet from silk flowers also, as well as other florals required on the day.

4. Florist supplied

Fresh Flowers – if you really have your heart set on fresh flowers – you can ask your florist to provide a table centrepiece for you.  This can be used for both your ceremony table, and your reception top table.  Please don’t hesitate to chat to me before speaking to your florist and I can give you some useful questions to ask.

5. Keep it Simple – the Basic Form

The basic ceremony table centre-piece which looks amazing is fresh ivy from your own garden, the garden of a beloved family member, or even garden of your wedding venue (with permission of course)

A great idea if your wedding venue has extensive landscaped gardens abundant with ivy.  I can prepare this for you on the day very quickly and easily and it looks fabulous.   One glorious summers day I was conducting a marriage ceremony a lovely 5 star mansion house, where I discovered there was no floral centrepiece for the ceremony table.   

The kind butler offered to pick the ivy for me.  He was very proud to give me an extra special tip!  For the best ivy, always pick the ivy growing up the side of a tree trunk.  The leaves will be much closer together as the ivy defies the forces of gravity to grow upwards.   This option is especially good if you are concerned that someone present may have allergies to certain fresh flowers.

Above: Silk arrangement I’ve made from silk vines of willow leaves, and eucalyptus leaves, with sprays of silk Gypsophilia inserted at various points.  Very simple but so elegant.

If you don’t have any other options, I would be delighted to bring the silk centre-piece above for use on your ceremony table (no extra cost). 

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