What is a Marriage License?

What is a Marriage License?

Where Do We Get Our Marriage License?

Known in modern terms as the “Marriage Registration Form” or “MRF”, the Marriage License is the document provided to you by a HSE Registrar once you have lodged your “Notification of Intention to Marry” and paid the €200 fee. Your MRF/Marriage License will be presented to you in a distinctive green folder.

What is the Marriage License Used For?

This green folder and your Marriage License inside it must be brought with you on your wedding day, so your Marriage Licence can be correctly signed during your marriage ceremony.  Once your ceremony has concluded, your completed MRF/Marriage License must be returned to the HSE within the timeframe designated by the Marriage Act (56 days) in order to finalise the registration of your legal marriage.

Where Does the Term “Marriage License” Come From?

The term “Marriage License” is used in the USA to describe the piece of paper signed by the licensed Officiant, the couple and their witnesses during the marriage ceremony. In the USA, the Marriage License is the equivalent of the MRF, and must be returned to the government Registrar to finalise the registration of the legal marriage..

But did you know, the term “Marriage Licence” can be traced all the way back to the Irish Marriage and Registration Act 1856 ! I discovered this during some further research of the Marriage Act and its origins. So it’s no wonder the term “Marriage License” is sometimes used interchangeably when referring to the MRF or Marriage Registration Form, contained within that elusive “Green Folder”.

So there you go! Have you got your Marriage License yet?