Choose Your Ceremony Type

Have you set the date for you big day?  Congratulations!   Next you will need to give some thought to the style and type of ceremony you would like.  Here is some helpful advice which will very useful for you:

a) Civil Ceremony

There is a lot of public confusion in Ireland caused by the use of legal marriage terminology from other countries which has a completely different meaning here in Ireland.  In my homeland Australia, a civil marriage ceremony is a ceremony created & conducted according to the wishes and beliefs of the couple, instead of the rules of a Religion. Yes, according to the Australian meaning I can conduct a civil ceremony but only in Australia.

Here in Ireland a civil marriage ceremony has a completely different legal meaning. A civil marriage ceremony in Ireland is a strictly non-religious registry office marriage and can only be conducted by a HSE Civil Registrar or other HSE Civil Registration Office staff.

As a HSE registered solemniser of marriages, I am not permitted to use the term “civil marriage ceremony”, “civil wedding ceremony” or “civil ceremony” when referring to marriage or wedding ceremonies. Any wedding celebrant in Ireland who advertises civil ceremonies is not registered to conduct legal marriages.

If you would like a unique & personalised non-denominational legal marriage ceremony of any style, including the Australian civil ceremony style, created & conducted according to your own wishes and beliefs, I would be honoured to work with you.

b) Non-Legal Wedding Ceremony

A non-legal wedding ceremony can be your best choice if you are living abroad.  There was once a time where the only way you could have a unique & personalised wedding ceremony was to have a non-legal ceremony plus a visit to the registry office with your witnesses on a separate day for a legal registry office marriage.  In the past 10 years times have really changed regarding legal marriage in Ireland and non-legal wedding ceremonies really are a thing of the past.  Other than living overseas there really is no other reason (other than mis-information) why you would need a non-legal wedding ceremony in Ireland.  These days there are so many government registered marriage solemnisers who are able to create a beautiful unique and fully legal wedding ceremony for you.

If you are living overseas you may find it much less complicated ( and much cheaper ) to be married at the registry office in your country of residence.  If this is the case, maybe you don’t want your family & friends in Ireland to know that you are already married that’s OK too.  Your secret is safe with me and nobody will ever know.  The only requirement I have for a non-legal wedding ceremony in Ireland, is that you must be legally married before your non-legal wedding day.  This is not a legal requirement in Ireland (like it is in my homeland Australia) but is my own requirement based on my own high standard of integrity and ethics. 

 I believe that every couple has the right to a dignified celebration of their marriage as a married couple and I would never agree to conduct a non-legal ceremony unless the couple was already legally married.  Imagine all the fun and excitement of your wedding day celebrations, it would certainly be lost if you were not already married.

c) A Unique & Personalised Legal Marriage Ceremony

If you want the most flexibility with your ceremony design options, including ceremony wording and music, your best option is a marriage solemniser of your choice to create & conduct your unique & personalised fully legal marriage ceremony on any day of the week, at any wedding venue of your choice.  I am a registered solemniser, fully authorised to conduct unique & personalised ceremonies which are unique & completely personalised to suit your requirements.

If you would like a non-denominational ceremony of any style, unique & personalised to your requirements, please don’t hesitate to call me for a quick chat so I can answer any questions you might have about getting married in Ireland.

Sharon Quigley

Ceremony Officiant / Registered Solemniser of Marriages

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