This is one of the most common questions I am asked by couples and also one of the most common mis-conceptions about non-religious marriage ceremonies, and here’s why:

When couples ask me if I can give them a humanist ceremony, what they really mean is can I give them a non-religious ceremony.  A ceremony without any mention of a God or deities, and without any spiritual or religious feel to the ceremony.  Followers of the Humanism movement must abide by strict rules which dictate that there must be no belief in any God, or any deities.   So a humanist ceremony won’t ever refer to anything being divine, holy or spiritual.  Also within the strict rules of the humanism movement, any belief in spirituality or superstitions of any kind is also strictly forbidden. 

I am from Australia where non-religious and humanist-style ceremonies have been a way of life for over 40 years   I have extensive experience creating and conducting non-religious and humanist style ceremonies of all kinds but I also have an added advantange.   I create & conduct truly non-denominational ceremonies, which means is that you make your own ceremony design rules without any restrictions. 

With me as your ceremony officiant you are free to include any traditional ceremony ideas of your choice.  Your marriage ceremony can therefore include handfasting, lighting candles, pouring sand, ring warming, ring exchange and any other traditional wedding ceremony ideas which are prohibited in a humanist ceremony due to having their origins in a superstitious belief of casting good luck for the couples marriage and their future together.

With me as your ceremony officiant, I can give you the most flexibility with your non-religious ceremony design options.

Sharon Q.

Ceremony Officiant / Registered Solemniser

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