Have you been dreaming of a unique & personlised, enchanted & magical fully legal forest or outdoor wedding ceremony in Ireland but heard there is no way it can possibly be done as a real legal marriage?

Have you been bombarded with misleading information from various mis-informed sources claiming that it’s just not possible to be legally married in a forest or outdoor wedding in Ireland due to the strict rules of the Marriage Act? 

It’s no mistake that you are reading this right now, I am so happy to tell you that the above is not true at all.

I am registered to solemnise legal marriages in Ireland, which means I am required to have an extensive and faultless knowledge of the Marriage Act.  This means that I have the expertise and experience necessary to provide you with 100% correct advice regarding your choices for legal marriage in Ireland, including your magical forest wedding.

The great news for you is Yes you can have your unique & personalised, enchanted and magical fully legal forest wedding ceremony with all your dearest family and friends right there with you as witnesses and yes your legal marriage ceremony can be created in any style to suit your beliefs & wishes.   Ireland really is one of the most magical and enchanting places in the world for a unique & personalised and fully legal forest wedding ceremony and there are so many beautiful forests to choose from.

So – how is this possible?   It’s very simple – follow these steps and you are well on your way!

  1. First thing to consider is your ceremony.  For a truly unique & personalised enchanted & magical non-denominational legal wedding ceremony designed & created to your own beliefs & wishes, on any day of the week, at any location of your choice you need a registered solemniser who is duly authorised to conduct fully personalised non-denominational legal marriage ceremonies of any style.  (That’s me!)
  2. Next, you need to hire your very own wedding forest!  Yes that’s right, there are a virtually unlimited number of enchanted & magical wedding forests available for hire in Ireland, and the best part is that they all come complete with a nearby luxury guest house, hotel, mansion house or enchanted castle for your wedding reception & celebrations after!  Which also ensures you have a nearby no-fuss built-in plan B ceremony location in case of weather not agreeing perfectly! 
    With our unpredictable weather, this is always the best way.

You have come to the right place.  I would be honoured to work with you to create your enchanted & magical legal forest wedding ceremony of your dreams!  Please don’t hesitate to call me to see if I am available for your big day.

Sharon Q.

Ceremony Officiant / Registered Solemniser of Marriages / Lover of Enchanted & Magical Forest Weddings

SHAI Registered Sound Therapist, Yoga Alliance RYT200 Registered Yoga & Meditation teacher, MBII Registered Positive Mind Coach, Community Volunteer, Musician, Visionary, Creator of dreams
= Earth Spiritualist Interfaith Minister

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