Are you having trouble answering questions on your “capture of data form” in preparation for your marriage notification appointment?

Are you further confused by the myriad of “expert” websites with so many different and conflicting explanations of what ceremony types exist in Ireland?

That’s not surprising at all, because the explanation of the ceremony types available in Ireland do vary greatly depending on who you speak to.  The best person to consult regarding explanation of terminology in the Marriage Act is a person who is registered to conduct and solemnise legal marriages.  As a registered solemniser of marriages, I am required to abide by and therefore have a faultless knowledge of the Marriage Act of Ireland.

I will explain the three ceremony types described in the Marriage Act, and on your “capture of data form”.  The three ceremony types in the Marriage Act are Civil, Secular and Religious.

A Civil ceremony is another name for a government registry office marriage ceremony.

A Secular ceremony is a legal marriage ceremony conducted by a registered solemniser of marriages who is a member of an organisation without any belief in God. therefore the ceremony will have no spirituality or belief in God.  There is one exception to this, Celtic Monk Darra Molloy on Aran Islands who conducts beautiful ceremonies in indigenous celtic tradition.

A Religious or Spiritual ceremony is a legal marriage ceremony conducted by a solemniser registered with a religious body.  A religious body can be one of two types, either 1. a recognised Church or a Spiritual mission with a defined purpose, or 2. an non-denominational Religious organisation with a defined purpose matching set criteria.    A non-denominational Celebrant can conduct ceremonies to suit your own style and requirements.

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