Can Any Celebrant Marry You in Ireland?

Can Any Celebrant Marry You in Ireland?

Here in Ireland there is an abundance of Celebrants (like myself) who are HSE registered Marriage Solemnisers who can legally marry you.  However there is also a growing number of Celebrants who cannot legally marry you, and its very disturbing that some will use unethical tricks in order to get bookings, like:

  • Using the misleading job title of “Registered Celebrant” just so you will contact them.

Once you contact a “Registered Celebrant” some may use certain other methods to entice you to book them, telling you so many things which just aren’t true.

Every couple who wishes to get married in Ireland, deserves to know that if they wish to have a non-church wedding, with a real legal marriage ceremony created to suit their own style, and personalised to their own wishes, at their own choice of marriage venue anywhere in Ireland, yes they can!

By choosing a non-denominational Celebrant or Minister like myself, who is duly authorised by the State to Solemnise legal marriage.  Who will use the Legal job title of “Solemniser”, “Registered Solemniser”, or “Registered Solemniser of Marriages”.  

Would you ever ask someone for building advice who wasn’t a registered builder, architect or  construction tradesman of some kind, who is required by law to have a full working knowledge of the advice they are giving you?

The only personnel who are qualified to provide information to the public regarding getting legally married in Ireland, are Registered Solemnisers and those in the government department responsible for marriage registration.   Because they are the only personnel required by law, to have a full working knowledge of the Marriage Act and therefore not only have the most expertise in legal marriage, but also the most experience.

If you wish to be legally married with personalised and meaningful ceremony created to your own wishes, without any need to attend the Registry Office on a separate day with your witnesses for a Registry Office marriage, you must choose a Registered Solemniser (like me) as your Celebrant who conducts non-denominational marriages.

Some important facts are:

  • There is absolutely no shortage of Marriage Solemnisers in Ireland.
  • Ireland will not be following in Australia’s footsteps with the registration of independent civil marriage celebrants. 
  • An over-supply of “Professional Celebrants” shouting loudly in the media will not influence the government’s stance on this in any way.

If you wish to be legally married in Ireland with a personalised ceremony of your own style, your celebrant must (like myself) be duly authorised and recognised by the HSE as a Registered Solemniser of Marriages.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an obligation-free quick chat to answer any questions you might have.  I would be honoured to work with you.

How to Lodge your Notification of Intention to Marry with the HSE

How to Lodge your Notification of Intention to Marry with the HSE

What Is This All About?

All couples wishing to have their Irish wedding ceremony recognised as a legal marriage must lodge a “Notification of Intention to Marry” with the HSE.  In order to do this in person, you must make an appointment with a HSE Civil Registration Office of your choice. The fee for this is currently €200.

If you are living outside of Ireland you can lodge your notification by post.  Email the HSE Office most conenient to you and ask them what you need to do for postal lodgement.  (You should never post originals of important documents as they may be lost in the post.)

There are some requirements to comply with, you must lodge your NOIM with the HSE at least 3 months before your wedding date, and this can be done up to 12 months in advance of your wedding.   My advice for those who wish to be married less than 12 months from now, is to book your HSE appointment right away, even if you haven’t yet chosen your wedding venue or your celebrant/solemniser.  Make your appointment a good few weeks away, giving yourself plenty of time to choose your wedding venue and your Celebrant/Solemniser.  If you haven’t yet chosen your Celebrant you may wish to read my article Can a Celebrant Legally Marry You for some essential advice that you should not be without.

How to Book Your In-person NOIM Appointment

If you wish, you can contact your nearest HSE Civil Registration Office to book your appointment over the phone. If you prefer, for most offices you can also book your notification appointment online which can save a lot of time. You can also email the office directly. For a list of HSE Civil Registration Office contacts see this page.

If you email the HSE office located most conveniently to you they will confirm what documentation they need you to bring with you for your circumstances.  Your documentation may include:

  • Full birth certificate
  • Photo ID
  • Plus anything else you are requested to bring – please ask your HSE office

It is not appropriate for me to advise the complete list of documents you need to bring to your HSE appointment as each situation can be different and usually is. Please ask your HSE Civil Registration office what documents they need from you.

At your HSE notification appointment if you have provided all the necessary information your marriage registration form/marriage licence (MRF) will be printed and given to you in the all-important “Green Folder”.   You are required to bring your “Green Folder” and MRF with you to your wedding as your MRF is the legal document which needs to be signed during your ceremony.

But What if Our Wedding is Less 3 Months Away?

If your wedding is less than 3 months away, you can obtain a court order to give you an exemption from the 3 months minimum notice. If your wedding is less than 3 months away and you would like to be legally married, please call me for advice as there are circumstances where the court order is granted and there are circumstances where it is not, so it is not appropriate for me to post that advice here online.

You should also be well on the way booking all your suppliers who are going to come together to make your big day happen!

Celebrant Guarantee

As a valued member of the Enchanted Ceremonies group of non-denominational Celebrants, Holistic Ministers & Solemnisers, there is always a backup Celebrant on hand in case of an unforeseen emergency - this is your Celebrant guarantee!

Your Special Day

If you believe your ceremony should be an important part of your special day, no matter how big or small your ceremony wishes may be, you have found the right place.

If you would like a ceremony as unique as you are - created to suit your own style, please don't hesitate to get in touch so I can answer any questions you might have - and to find out if I am available on your big day.  I would be honoured to work with you!

Rev. Sharon Q.

from Australia (in Ireland since 2013)
Non-denominational Holistic Minister
Celebrant & Registered Solemniser