Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

There is something very special about lighting candles at the commencement of your wedding ceremony.  Whether you are religious or not, you can’t deny that candles do create that kind of relaxing vibe that really sets the tone for the quality of the cermony.

Candle Unity Ceremony Wording Example

Simple version written by Rev Sharon Q.


Partner1 & Partner2 have chosen to commence their marriage ceremony with the lighting of candles in honour of their special day.

In a moment, Partner1 & Partner2 will each light an individual candle, to represent the light that shines within each of them.

As Partner1 & Partner2 light their individual candles, they will also honor the unique and special qualities which make each of them who they are. 

Once their individual candles are alight, Partner1 & Partner2 will use their individual candles to light their third, larger Unity candle together.

As Partner1 & Partner2 blend their individual flames to light their Unity candle, they will each honour and celebrate the power of their separate lights to ignite a common flame of friendship, love, commitment and lifelong happiness together.

They will also celebrate not only the joining together of their lives in marriage, but also the joining together of two families.

Partner1 & Partner2 would you like to come forward to light your candles?

Music:  As selected

I have included some photographs of wedding candles in various settings, so you can see the effect of the various styles.  With me as your Minister/Celebrant, quality dripless candles in ivory are included at no extra cost.  White candles can be provided by special request.  Your candles can include either natural raffia grass, or organza ribbon bow in your choice of color.  Or, if you prefer – you may order your own printed wedding candles from your choice of supplier.  Grey “rustic” candles pictured above left, are available for sale as an optional extra.